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American Style Rendering

Cloakroom Designs Pictures Small Cloakroom Ideas Interior Design Rendering Cloakroom Designs

Cloakroom, cloakroom decoration, cloakroom design, open-style cloakroom, cloakroom decoration renderings...

cloakroom designs pictures small cloakroom ideas interior design rendering cloakroom designs

Successful cases

Cloakroom, cloakroom decoration, cloakroom design, open-style cloakroom, cloakroom decoration renderings, 3d European style cloakroom rendering, cloakroom in many forms, including open-style cloakroom is very popular with everyone's welcome.

Open-style cloakroom, suitable for young people who want to solve all the functions within a large space. The use of an empty wall storage, not completely closed. Good air circulation, spacious. Disadvantages are poor dust, dust is such a key note between the cloakroom, you can use dust cover hanging clothes, with boxes to stack clothing.

Design description

In addition to the wallpaper with rich decorative wardrobe, the line set into a complete transition in the locker room, European style cloakroom rendering, but also resolve the embarrassment of the private sector into the room. This open-style cloakroom lined with patterned wallpaper will be low-key luxury noble set off more vividly. Cloakroom planning a spacious dressing room and dressing area, even if the future to newly married couples living, admission is not a problem. As the locker room no external window, special equipment, all-heat exchanger, the outdoor air pumped into, confined space does not feel boring. In this open-style cloakroom has a fully functional configuration, all kinds of storage problems are solved. Storage cabinet using paint, wood and mirror modification, the actual situation in the virtual image to the volume of the cabinet.

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