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House Rendering

Boreal Europe Style Of Interior Design Features,What Should Pay Attention To Details?3d Rendering Interior Design

Wanteng Visual is one of the professional boreal europe style of interior design features,what should pay attention to details?3d rendering interior design suppliers in China. We have many highly qualified manufacturers working in our factory. If you are interested in our service, please be free...

Boreal Europe style of interior design features,What should pay attention to details?3d rendering interior design

retiring room rendering

living room rendering design

bedroom rendering design

1, the Nordic style in dealing with space inside and outside aspects generally emphasize interior space is capacious, fully, introduce natural light to the maximum extent.Sense of fluidity in the graphic design of space;Metope, ground, ceiling and furniture furnishings and lamps and lanterns, household utensils in succinct model and pure texture, delicate process for its characteristics.

2, wood is the soul of the Nordic style decorating.To help indoor heat preservation, so the northern europeans in indoor when decorating, heavy use of heat insulation performance is good wood.These lumber basically all use without the fine processing of logs, retain the original color and simple sense of lumber.Nordic architecture is given priority to with spires and slope, indoor visible beam made of log,
Purlin, rafter building components.This kind of style is applied in flat-roofed building, will become a purely decorative wood "false beam".
3, the Nordic style commonly used for indoor decoration decoration materials and stone, glass and iron, etc., but invariably leave these materials of the original texture.
4, the choice of household colour, bias light color such as white, cream-colored, shallow color.Often with white gives priority to tone, use bright pure color for the ornament;Or in black and white and dichromatic give priority to tone, not to join any other color.Space gives a person the feeling of clean and clear, no messy feeling.In addition, white, black, brown, gray and blue colors are often used in boreal Europe style decoration design style.
5, such as curtain carpet soft outfit on collocation, natural texture preferences such as cotton and linen.

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