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Brief Simple Style Rendering

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American-style restaurant is not just luxurious atmosphere, more of a pleasant and romantic.

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Successful cases

American-style restaurant is not just luxurious atmosphere, more of a pleasant and romantic. Through the perfect classic, restaurant rendering bar and restaurant designers, the details of the treatment, bringing the family's uncomfortable touch, in fact, harmony is the highest state of American-style restaurant. American-style restaurant design, refined and elegant in the back to show you a kind of exquisite warm atmosphere. Decorative ceiling, so that the whole restaurant has a more strong American style.

Design description

This restaurant presents a luxurious sense of luxury, hollow ceiling design selection, making the entire space is full of European-style unique romantic atmosphere. Coupled with a beautiful chandelier, contracted style restaurant design renderings, making the entire space is full of European-style gorgeous. Design techniques The use of simple American design techniques, the United States and modern interpretation of a good visual effect. The ceiling with colorful lights, so that the living room in the elegant to show you a modern fashion sense.

In the overall bright, simple, simple housing space, the heritage of the Western cultural background quiet quietly glowing Yingyingchaochao lights, hazy, romantic feeling arises spontaneously. Different styles of home improvement interpretation of a variety of home style, contains a mix of life fun. American style from the gorgeous decoration, strong colors, beautiful shape to achieve the elegant decoration effect. The whole space to abandon the traditional bright colors of the marriage room, choose elegant and shades of color, to create a warm and elegant warm marriage room. The beams make this restaurant an elegant atmosphere.

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