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Brief Simple Style Rendering

Reading Room Design Study Room Interior Design Modern Study Room Design Study Room Design Pictures

Study room generally require simple, elegant, reflecting the traditional sense of "study" charm.

reading room design study room interior design modern study room design study room design pictures

Successful cases

Study room generally require simple, elegant, reflecting the traditional sense of "study" charm. This study room is mainly reflected in the design of furniture to Founder of the main lines. Chinese furniture, with Chinese bookcase, coffee table and screen, European reading room rendering, accompanied by Chinese calligraphy and antiques and other embellishment during which to constitute a Chinese-style study of the blueprint.

Design description

Modern style emphasizes the simple, clear, abandoned a lot of unnecessary additional decoration, to plane composition, color composition, three-dimensional composition as the basis for design. Indoor use the same color, and furniture modeling to large or large surface of the combination of the main surface, with particular emphasis on spatial color and shape changes in the excavation. Designed in this style of study, most of the times, buy European reading room rendering, refreshing. In contrast, often with abstract painting and sculpture to decorate, break some boring, monotonous, blunt lines, in order to obtain the perfect rich space feel.

Free style mainly refers to the overall environment and lifestyle habits, and the formation of a free design style. Furniture, reading room rendering service, mostly use a streamlined lines of the main, can make sense of space fluency. Color is the same color, through the depth of change to make the whole room a unified style, a large number of wood, stone and other natural materials.

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