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European Style

3d European Style Bedroom Rendering Classic European Bedroom Rendering Luxury European Style Bedroom Rendering

Wanteng Visual is one of the professional 3d european style bedroom rendering classic european bedroom rendering luxury european style bedroom rendering suppliers in China. We have many highly qualified manufacturers working in our factory. If you are interested in our service, please be free to...

European-style style of decoration from ancient Greece and ancient Rome, also includes part of the ancient Persian architectural style. In Europe, there is no interior designer career, only the architect of this profession. European-style decoration is in fact borrowed a large number of elements of classical architecture, to get the similar characteristics of European life, so get and feel the same in Europe.


This style inherits the baroque style of luxury, dynamic, changing visual effects, but also learn the Rococo style aesthetic, rhythm of the details of the treatment elements, by the upper class of all ages. Classic European-style luxury decoration is the essence of European-style decoration, the main use of expensive teak, mahogany, Sapele wood, cherry wood to create indoor wood and furniture. Lamps on the use of luxury copper chandeliers or crystal lamps, the use of imported wallpaper or wall covering decorative wall. Floors generally use expensive marble or granite, the bedroom is generally used carpet. In the selection of furniture, all-solid wood furniture is the first choice, such as the British STVILLA Setvina teak furniture, Italy SILIK Sili furniture. Large-scale use of Roman columns, relief, painted gold painted gold and other luxury decoration process, magnificent, magnificent European classical decoration is the main feature.


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