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European Style

European Bedroom Rendering Is Not Just A Luxury Atmosphere, More Comfortable And Romantic

Wanteng Visual is one of the professional european bedroom rendering is not just a luxury atmosphere, more comfortable and romantic suppliers in China. We have many highly qualified manufacturers working in our factory. If you are interested in our service, please be free to get the quality...

European bedroom rendering is not just a luxury atmosphere, more comfortable and romantic

living room rendering design

dining room rendering

living room rendering design

From all construct a detailed analysis of the Europe type style:
Roman column, Roman column is the most significant feature of Europe type style, it inherits the basic styles of buildings in Greece, such as more than Eric pillar, love, Mr Nick pillar type, Collins pillar type, etc.
Picture rail: fixed in the interior walls around the upper levels of wood, used to hang picture frame or format, etc.
Waist line: horizontal lines in central building on metope, the main decorative, it also became popular in many styles.
Fireplace: in some European style buildings, inside can be seen near the wall of build by laying bricks or stones will have the fire equipment.This is by the European north is located in the northern hemisphere, colder temperatures and inheritance.
Or pointed arch rib vault: this is very common in European baroque and gothic the wind.
Bracket: beam and column or wall junction common components.
At the top of the lamp panel or mural: Chinese houses at the top of the painting is given priority to with xiangyun and auspicious patterns, often than Europe is given priority to with Christian content.At the top of the commonly used design modelling, vault, rib arch, the dome.
Rich metope adornment lines or clapboard: considering the economic factors such as cost and common wallpaper instead.
Ground: general rich and beautification with spelling a flower, and some commonly used way of real wood floor spelling a flower, too.Commonly used small geometry size piece of material for Mosaic.
Wood: often a mahogany, ebony.

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