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Mediterranean Style Rendering

Mediterranean Style Charm Of China's Urban Household From Its Colour Combination.3d Interior Rendering Design

Featuring a Mediterranean style of architecture, arch and arch, the horseshoe-shaped Windows and doors.Construction of circular arch and corridors are usually connected by a number of or, in the form of vertical handoff in ambulate ornamental, extension of the illusion.In addition, metope can use half create or in the home all create the way to shape the indoor scene in the window.

Mediterranean style charm of China's urban household from its colour combination.3d interior rendering design

Mediterranean style living room rendering design

Mediterranean style dining room rendering

Mediterranean style study room rendering design

Mediterranean style of adornment gimmick has a very distinctive features.Such as furniture USES low chroma, as far as possible simple line and trimming round wooden furniture.The ground is laid bare Tao or tablets.Indoors, curtain, tablecloth, sofa cover, chimney, etc. Is given priority to with low chroma colors and cotton goods.The tiny flowers of simple but elegant stripe plaid is the main style.Unique forging, wrought iron furniture, also is the Mediterranean style product unique aesthetics.At the same time, the household of the Mediterranean style also note greening, vine plants and green potted plants is a common plant that occupy the home.

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