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House Rendering

Most People Would Like The Europe Style Of Interior Design,Boreal Europe Style Is Also Very Popular

In boreal Europe style is decorated in, wood is the leading role of the eternal, it is the soul of boreal Europe style, in the Nordic style is decorated in, not deliberately chosen wood decorative pattern, bold and contracted.Without the pollution of paint, boreal Europe style further close to nature.

Most people would like the Europe  style of interior design,Boreal Europe style is also very popular

living room rendering design

kitchen room rendering

bathroom rendering design

bedroom rendering design

Wooden floor is the heart of the boreal Europe style white wooden floor is a favorite of the Nordic people, it is associated with the weather first, because of rain and snow, the carpet can cause indoor light inadequacy of large area, but the white wood floor, can make indoor light looks more bright, choose wooden floor and northern europeans like to have something to do for wood alone bell.The Nordic countries is rich in timber resources, so the wooden floor is the perfect choice.
Black and white is a classic color of northern Europe, there is no Mediterranean style of brilliant color, its specificity of black and white led a similar fashion, but it is far from the flashy and easy, let a person feel gentle and comfortable.Elegant white and northern europeans are similar to the life habits.Sweden near the North Pole, part of the territory in the arctic, summer can appear surfaces, and the sunshine in the winter time is very short parts (less than 7 hours), so the sun is very precious, most swedes family has a large window, and mostly white inside the bedroom, in order to ensure maximum light to rebound.

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