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House Rendering

The Spanish style decorating design rendering, do you like?

Spanish style design using building materials usually mottled, thick, nostalgic feeling to the person, but have a lot of visual perception and ecosystem, such as red drum terracotta, manual plaster wall, culture stone and so on, embody the characteristics of the handmade.Enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, warm harmonious, elegant and stick to environmental protection practical is the best induction of Spanish construction characteristics.

Spain Decoration Style, Do You Like?

best architectural rendering companies

best architectural rendering companies

bedroom room rendering design

Spain has a strong Mediterranean style household, enthusiastic, freedom is bold and unrestrained, colorful.Don't need to pay attention to too much skill, but keep it simple belief and capture the light, made from natural, bold and free to use colour and modelling.Spain, relative to the Mediterranean style home seem more mysterious, inside collect, composed, some heavy, colour also more primitive simplicity, architectural elements and some change, another difference is that different interior decoration, Spanish furniture often with aristocratic temperament, and simple natural Mediterranean decoration.Spanish furniture's biggest feature is the use of engraving technology.Carving decoration of furniture is under the influence of gothic architecture, gothic flame type more beautiful case take the form of relief in the outline of the basic traditional Spanish furniture furniture is a straight line, only the seat some curve, its modelling of consistent with the Spanish housing, simple image in common exotic animal ark on the class, such as spiral columns represent elements.Follow senior artist's footprint, after accepted the baptism of contemporary and contracted style, new classic furniture, Spain in design full of boundless creativity and breakthrough of traditional thinking.Through excellent detail carve on modelling shows the color of a kind of mysterious and magnificent.In detail using a lot of synthetic materials for decoration, wide incision, not as sealed seamlessly as classical furniture, exquisite luxury.Let a person feel the beautiful degree even seem to in the home is never out of season.

Wanteng Visual is one of the professional The Spanish style decorating design rendering, do you like? suppliers in China. We have many highly qualified manufacturers working in our factory. If you are interested in our service, please be free to get the quality products made in China from us.
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