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House Rendering

The Traditional Chinese Interior Design Combines The Solemn And Elegant Temperament,What Are The Design Key Points Of Chinese Style Rendering?

Doors and Windows are very important to determine the Chinese style style, because the Chinese Windows and doors are commonly made squares Ling son or other Chinese traditional pattern, with solid wood carved into all kinds of subjects modelling, smooth, rich stereo feeling. Smallpox to batten intersection set prescription form, overlying board, also can do simple circular lamp pool condole top, made from solid wood box, clear hierarchy, painted pear wood color.

The traditional Chinese interior design combines the solemn and elegant temperament,What are the design key points of Chinese style rendering?

living room rendering design

sitting room rendering

dining room rendering design

Space on the stress level, multi-purpose every window, screen to break up, make a strong framework, with real wood with a fixed bracket, use among Ling carve patterns or designs on woodwork, make the design of of primitive simplicity.
Furniture furnishings exquisite symmetry, attaches great importance to the cultural connotation;Deserve to make free with calligraphy and painting, antique, scroll, miniascape, delicate arts and crafts to try to adorn, more show master grade and honourable, woodcarving picture is given priority to with wall hanging, more cultural charm and unique style, embodies the Chinese traditional house culture unique charm.

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