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House Rendering

What Are The Modern Simple Style Characteristic?Furniture And Adorn Article How To Choose Again,3d Rendering Design Company

Contemporary and contracted style jewelry is one of the most efforts to domestic outfit style of all.Some simple line, unique design and even creative and personality, adorn article can become a member of the contemporary and contracted style decoration.

What are the modern simple style characteristic?Furniture and adorn article how to choose again,3d rendering design company

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living room rendering design

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Characteristics of furniture
(1) emphasizes the functional design, contracted and fluent line, the colour contrast, this is the characteristic of modern style furniture.
(2) the extensive use of tempered glass, stainless steel and other new materials as auxiliary material, and a common adornment gimmick of modern style furniture, can give a person the feeling of halfback, uninhibited.
(3) because of the simple line, less decorative elements, modern style furniture need perfect soft outfit to cooperate, to show the aesthetic feeling.Such as the need to cushion, sofa table need table cloth, bed curtains and bed sheet foil, soft outfit in place is the key to modern style.
(1) open interior space, connect fully, both inside and outside the plane design in the space of the pursuit of freedom without being limited by the main wall.
(2) indoor metope, ground, ceiling and furniture furnishings and the modelling of lamps and lanterns vessels are with concise, pure texture, delicate process for its characteristics.
(3) as far as possible need not decorate and cancel unnecessary things, believe that any complex design, the practical value of the special parts and no building decoration will increase the cost, should be more emphasis on form in the service function.
(4) architecture and interior parts as far as possible using standard parts, door and window size according to the module of the system design.
(5) indoor often choose concise industrial products, furniture and daily necessities with straight line, glass metal also more be used.

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