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House Rendering

What Is Chinese Style Rendering Design?What Is The Distinguishing Feature Of Chinese Style?

The representative of Chinese style style is Chinese classical Ming and qing dynasty furniture and traditional Chinese garden architecture design modelling, colour.Characteristic is symmetrical, simple, simple, elegant style, rich cultural connotation, reflect master Chinese style household high aesthetic taste and social status.

What is Chinese style rendering design?What is the distinguishing feature of Chinese style?

living room rendering

living room rendering design

The end of the 20th century, as China's economic recovery, architecture emerged in a variety of design concept, it can be said to be Europe and the United States a variety of design wave again, the rise of traditional sinology, later also makes people began to use the perspective of Chinese culture in the whole things, with the Chinese style design has also been many designers into its design idea, can say at the beginning of the 21st century Chinese architecture has the trend of Chinese style style design.Catching on the cause of Chinese style style, it is worth noting that China's domestic gradually popular Chinese style style is the ancient Chinese Ming dynasty furniture, simple copy, culture as the typical representative of doping, there are many factors.First of all, Chinese culture is everywhere in Europe and the modern society, will naturally produced with Chinese traditional culture as the core elements of the psychological demand, Chinese style style is one of the backing, it is not the simple sum of traditional culture elements in the eyes of designers, draw the equal sign between Chinese style and ancient no longer rigid, those who replace is close nature guileless kind simple however connotation is rich.Second, as the world's largest economic entities of another, amid rising every day, all kinds of building the new era requires a design concept to express, so Chinese style also arises at the historic moment.In a materialistic society contradictions emerge in endlessly, the traditional Chinese culture itself is the harmonious poised to be regarded by the people, combined with the aesthetic needs of modern people, the traditional architectural style reborn again.

Chinese style style represented by palace architecture of Chinese classical architecture style of interior decoration, design art, grand, magnificent showily, high space, large depth, glittering, symmetric DiaoLiangHuaZhu modelling is exquisite, exquisite color contrast, adornment material is given priority to with lumber, design more dragon, phoenix, tortoise, lion, finely crafted, beauty kit kat.But the cost of the decoration of Chinese style style is higher, and the lack of modern breath, can only be used in household ornament.
Modern Chinese style style is more use of post-modern style, the wall to hang a picture of a Chinese landscape painting and other traditional nature is little not the bookcase in the study, the case and the four treasures of the study.The sitting room of Chinese style style is the style of the intrinsic, for the sake of the comfortable, is also often used in the environment of Chinese style sofa, but the color still embodies the of primitive simplicity of Chinese style, Chinese style style this appearance, make whole space tradition in modern, rubbed in modern classic.This could lead to a "white space" of the Oriental aesthetic concepts control rhythm, show everybody style, its the calligraphy and painting on the wall regardless of number or content is not much, but in the artistic conception created by it.Can say whatever westerly winds blow, relieve the artistic conception is always orientals unique feelings, so often is the best means to this poetic achievement.Lying on a comfortable sofa, one thousand story flows along the fingers.

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