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Restaurant Interior Rendering

Bar Room Ideas Bar Top Ideas Meble Bar Design

​At present, we are in all aspects of the characteristics of a tight coupling is the era of integration...

bar room ideas bar top ideas meble bar design

Successful cases

At present, we are in all aspects of the characteristics of a tight coupling is the era of integration, the functional sex of the material characteristics, beautiful this integration, without exception, the pursuit of has been confirmed.The biggest characteristic of modern consumer group is the pursuit of personalized.It looks like a positive and negative produced two characteristics unique to this time a lot of new things, restaurant service, buy restaurant simple design, and a variety of "theme" of an important discovery.

Design description

Normal only for the purpose of the restaurant, food and beverage service, theme restaurants, in addition to the restaurant also incorporates aesthetics, function of fresh experience, entertainment and recreational area.Therefore, for in the design of the restaurant with a new problem.In constant exploration, of course, the theme restaurant got great development both in size and style.They have become quite attractive theme restaurants around.Here, we will discuss some popular theme restaurant design

(1) traditional Chinese style style, general requirement is simple, elegant, embodied in the traditional sense "den" lasting appeal.

(2) the European style, the so-called European style is we to the floorboard of the European style of ancient and modern indoor 3) modern style, the biggest characteristic of modern style is concise, clear, abandon a lot of unnecessary additional decoration, to plane composition, color composition, three-dimensional construction as a basis for the design, especially pay attention to the mining of space color and shape change.

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